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AUDITIONS: Speaking in Tongues

by Andrew Bovell

Directors: Brendon Harris and Jacob Agius

Season: 9 performances May 1 - 19, 2019

Auditions: Sunday 13 January 2019 from 6pm

Location: Maitland Repertory Theatre High/James Streets, Maitland - opposite Town Hall

Book an audition: Please contact Brendon on 0432 846 148 or to book an audition time. Brendon will provide script excerpts to those auditioning before the audition.

Season Dates:
May 1 - 19, 2019
May 2019 - 8:00pm: Wed 1, Fri 3, Sat 4, Fri 10, Sat 11, Fri 17, Sat 18; 2:00pm: Sun 12, Sun 19

About the Play
Andrew Bovell’s Speaking in Tongues is a play about the rights and wrongs of emotional conduct and marital infidelity. Featuring multiple narratives, Speaking in Tongues explores how intimate bonds are broken while new ones are formed between strangers.
Comprising of three parts, the play begins with two married couples (Pete and Jane, and Leon and Sonja) embarking on one-night stands: Pete with Sonja, and Leon with Jane. Although Leon and Jane carry through with the infidelity where Pete and Sonja don’t, both couples echo each others’ dialogue.
Parts two and three introduce a new set of characters (some connected with the previous characters); Neil, Sarah, Valerie, Nick and John. These characters, presented through a change in format, cohabit the stage together, but largely exist within their own narratives.


This production of Speaking in Tongues will use 4 actors who will each have double or triple roles.
Actress 1 will play Sonja and Valerie
Actress 2 will play Jane and Sarah
Actor 1 will play Leon and Nick
Actor 2 will play Pete, Neil and John

2 males aged 30-45 and 2 females aged 30-45. Details below.

Leon - A police detective working on a missing persons case. Leon has an affair with a woman he meets at a bar.
Sonja - A working mother who is tempted to cheat on her husband after meeting a man at a bar.
Pete - A husband who does not want children and almost cheats on his wife after meeting a woman at a bar.
Jane - A childless wife who has an affair after meeting a man at a bar.
Valerie - A psychologist whose car breaks down on the side of a back road late one night and is unable to contact her husband.
Neil - A lonely man, who while riding on the bus one morning, sees his ex-fiancée who, years earlier, disappeared without warning.
Sarah - A woman with commitment issues who is reading letters that have been sent to her by someone from her past.
Nick - An unemployed man who is being questioned by the police in regards to a missing persons case.
John - The husband of a woman who has gone missing.

Who Do I Contact?

AUDITIONS: Speaking in Tongues by Andrew Bovell - Contact Brendon Harris on 0432 846 148 or (

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