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Annual Meeting

Our Annual General Meetings (AGM) are usually held in March. Our 2017 AGM was held on Wednesday 15 March 2017.

Anyone over the age of 18 who has been a financial member for more than 90 days is eligible to vote at AGMs. Members are encouraged to come along and have a say about how their theatre is run or to stand for election.

Election Outcomes:

Click here to see the results of the 2017 theatre elections.

Member Resources


Members may use this Resources link to view recent minutes of Management Committee Meetings, Annual reports and AGM Minutes in 'pdf' format.

You'll need a login and password - please email to get one.

Code of Conduct

At the March 2013 Annual Meeting the draft of a proposed Code of Conduct was put forward. The Code has now been adopted and members are invited to read the Code. Comments and suggestions from members are welcome.

Use this link to access the Code: Code of Conduct

Emergency Procedures:

Members can use the link below to view important safety information in our Emergency Procedures Handbook


Use the link below to view the constitution of Maitland Repertory Theatre Inc.:
MRT Constitution 30Mar2016

Member Profiles

Go to our member profile section under 'Archives'

About Us

Maitland Repertory is an unfunded amateur group run by volunteers. It aims to entertain audiences by producing plays performed by adults, young adults and children while at the same time providing members with skills for life. The group has a policy of active membership - because without active members we cannot meet our aims.

As well as using and learning acting skills, many members use their talents backstage to help us produce entertaining plays or to help administer the Theatre for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to our regular program, the Maitland Repertory also has two training and performance groups - 'MRT Acting Classes' and 'Reamus Youth Theatre'.

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A Membership and Information Form can be downloaded here.

If you would like to join, please post your completed form (and cheque, if paying by cheque) for your subscription to:

Maitland Repertory Theatre Inc
P O Box 111

Or, you can also scan and email your completed form to

You can also pay your membership fees over the counter at a branch of The Mutual or by direct deposit via internet banking using these details:

BSB: 646000 (Maitland Mutual Building Society)
Account Number: 100032692
Name: Maitland Repertory Thtr
Please include your name as reference with your payment.

To contact our Membership Officer, see details under 'Contact Us'

Membership Fees

  • Single: $10
  • Family: $25
  • Concession: $5.


Single membership covers one calendar year for a single person. This is due for renewal every year at the Annual General Meeting.


Family membership cover one calendar year for both Parents and all children under 18. This is due for renewal every year at the Annual General Meeting.


Concession membership covers Pensioners, Students and Unemployed persons. This is due for renewal every year at the Annual General Meeting.


Please post your cheque and contact details (Attention: Membership Officer) to Maitland Repertory Theatre Membership, P O Box 111, Maitland NSW 2320.

Alternatively you can pay your membership fees over the counter at a branch of The Mutual or by direct deposit via internet banking using these details BSB: 646000 (Maitland Mutual Building Society)
Acct: 100032692
Name: Maitland Repertory Thtr
Please include your name as reference with your payment.

What do members do?

The talents and skills of members are used in many areas, such as the background work needed to put on a show - make-up, set construction, backstage work, publicity, wardrobe, newsletter production, casting, ushering and management. We also need actors, and auditions are held regularly. If you are not an actor but still wish to be involved, there are numerous areas where you can help and have fun.

Help is always needed to dismantle a set at the end of the season. Regular Working Bees are held to change the set from one production to the next.

All actors and volunteer workers must be members of the Maitland Repertory Theatre for insurance purposes.

Front of House, Usher and Catering Roster

Please email if you would like your name placed on the roster for Front of House, Ushering and Catering duties. Members are usually only required to volunteer once per show.

Can Members Watch Performances?

Members who are not rostered on for duty are welcome to watch any show and may take a seat once all patrons are seated.

After offering any assistance, members are welcome to stay and watch the show but are asked to remain at the back of the theatre until all patrons have been seated, sitting in any vacant seats, if available. Members receive regular newsletters and any requests for help will be found in the newsletter. Contact the appropriate number and offer any assistance you can. It will be very much appreciated.

Play Readings

Play readings are held each month at 7:30pm at the theatre - sign up for our eNews to be kept informed of when they're on.

If you don't mind reading aloud and would like to read through a play in which you take one actor's part, then you would find the play reading nights very enjoyable. You may prefer to come along and listen to a group of readers work through a play. You can be in the audience and just enjoy hearing the 'radio play version' - that is, a play with no actions, just the dialogue.

Bring your specs and read or just sit and listen and enjoy a great night away from the TV.

Cast Parties

All members are welcome to attend the cast parties (usually on the last night of a play season). Members are invited to bring a plate and drinks to share.

Meetings During the Year

Committee Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at the Theatre, commencing at 7:00pm. All members are welcome to come along.

Annual General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting is usually held in March each year. Please arrive early to register you attendance before the meeting begins. All members are welcome to attend and nominate for available positions.

Duties of Elected Positions

Below is a summary of the duties of some of the elected positions at Maitland Repertory Theatre. This list is not meant as a definitive guide, but to give those interested in standing for election a brief idea of the requirements of the positions.


Summary of Duties

PresidentAttend meetings, lead and chair meetings
Vice PresidentAttend meetings, support and stand in for President, when necessary
SecretaryAttend meetings, take minutes, deal with correspondence
TreasurerAttend meetings, keep financial records in order, report to meetings
Committee MemberAttend meetings, deal with matters at committee meetings
Casting DirectorLead and coordinate casting committee at auditions
RosterOrganise volunteers, prepare and distribute roster for scheduled performances
Wardrobe Officer and helpersCo-opt volunteers, co-ordinate, source, prepare costumes and maintain costume storage
MakeupMaintain supplies of make up and organise application of make up
Stage Manager OverseeingWork with directors and stage managers
PropertiesOrganise and take charge of properties
PublicityHead and Direct Publicity, Promotions and Marketing Team. Organise production and erection of large banners, organise newspaper and media promotions, organise poster and flyer production and distribution. Communicate with Management Committee
Social MediaDrive social media interactions
Season Tickets InformationOrganise, arrange, promote and sell season tickets
Melodrama CateringOrganise caterers and helpers for Melodrama Dinner
Catering OfficerCo-ordinate the staffing, organisation, purchase of supplies and preparation of suppers for shows
Newsletter EditorAttend meetings, source information, type and format newsletter, address, print, post and email The Dialogue and maintain address database currency
MembershipCollect membership fees, forms and information, maintain membership database currency
Social OrganiserOrganise events for the enjoyment of members, such as Christmas Parties, Big Nights Out, Trivia Nights, Club Nights
Reamus LeaderLead Reamus activities and events, organise workshops, events and productions in conjunction with Reamus Artistic Director and in consultation with Management Committee
Website AdminSource information, attend committee meetings, maintain currency of website and links